Responsive Web Design Maine • HollyWorks : Innovation and imagination built the Web. It’s a superhighway of fast code and even faster computers traveling at warp speed... What seems impossible today? Well, wait a few minutes. But some things never change. A great idea will always be a great idea. And our desire to share those ideas and make our world a better place? That will never change. Technology should be an easy, comfortable fit - your favorite cross trainers - without sacrificing speed and flexibility. Brilliant and responsive design big enough to showcase your dreams... small enough to fit in your pocket. I specialize in creating beautiful and smart websites that are socially savvy, self-marketing, SEO rich, but still user-friendly.  Because your website should work for you - not the other way around.  I have seventeen years of coding and design experience, and offer a full suite of "everything web."   Design. Redesign.  Wordpress, Modx,  and a variety of content management tools.  Traditional, mobile, and - now featuring - responsive design - one website that just works on any device...

Holly Valero

My background includes seventeen plus years of Internet-specific design and development, plus over 30 years of publishing, marketing, and creative design.

Dr. Jon Hyman

Traditional website design like this one for Dr. Jon Hyman, state of the art sports medicine - with user-friendly content management systems from Modx to Wordpress.
Web Design  

Logo Design

Logo design with all the trimmings. This one for Senior Entrepreneurship Works! Their mission: To help Seniors Aged 50+ Build Sustainable Businesses, Create Jobs, and Stimulate Economic Self-reliance.

DVD Packaging & Movie Posters

Movie theater poster and DVD case for 20/20 Drive: Human/File Delete. Made by Mainers and shot in Maine, the seven-flick horror anthology, Damnationland, showcases the state's beautiful dark side.
CD/DVD & Posters

Carol Wishcamper - Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design just fits - any device big or small! One website to rule them all!

Web Services & More...

Custom responsive website design, traditional website design and mobile design. Logo creation, graphic design and digital publishing.
Web Design & Print

Bear Rolling with the Moon

Illustration of Bear for a children's book I'm working on.

The Wine Labels Project

Personal project envisioning wine labels that correspond to world events and popular culture.

Gorham, Maine

HollyWorks headquarters is in Gorham, Maine - an historic village about nine miles West of Portland, Maine.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is the only intelligent response to an exploding market filled with mutliple screen sizes and resolutions ... iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire.

Traditional Web Design

HollyWorks provides web services to large companies, smaller organizations, lots of non-profits, and individuals like artist Louise Philbrick.
Web Design  

HTML5 Publishing

iPad friendly HTML5 web publications provide a great reading experience with all the embedded rich media you need from video to animated charts. This one for the FrameWorks Institute.

Icon Design

Graphic design at 57 pixels. This batch of icons was created for the OrthoMind community navigation.

The Facebook Whisperer... Social Web Design

Full social integration between your website and Facebook, open graph tags, Facebook fan page management.
Web Design  

App Support

Splash screens for iPhone and iPad apps in both landscape and portrait mode. Here's one for VegEZ - a vegetarian cooking app from Delicious TV