Communicate and Engage

The desire to communicate may be our strongest desire. We want to  be understood. To connect with each other. And to be part of something bigger.

Your website is an opportunity to share your passion. To introduce yourself to the world and tell your story. To engage with others. To do work that matters. To celebrate. And to be part of that "something bigger."

Technology has given us global reach for our ideas within a fraction of a second. But the quality of communication still depends on us.

The Web is an ever-expanding universe of increasingly sophisticated and interconnected parts.   Establishing a brand identity, choosing communication channels, and managing that communication can be overwhelming. 

Take a deep breath. It’s time to rethink your web strategy. Stop worrying about trying to meet your tweet quota, or coming up with keyword rich copy. Skip that SEO power breakfast showcasing outdated practices. And instead, focus on your story. Who are you? What are you offering? Why should I care? Engage me. Make me care.

It’s not rocket science. Keep it simple. Start with a professional, well-organized, coherent online presence that resonates with your identity.  Add social media intelligently–as needed.  Start with strategy and end with evaluation, and utilize tools that make it easier for you to do both.

HollyWorks provides one-stop, full-circle web, print, and publishing, plus consulting, training and creative brainstorming. Find out more about the work I do or contact me at

Web Development

A web developer is part programmer, part designer, and part marketer. Providing a one-stop shop for design, programming and marketing allows small to medium sized business or non-profit organizations to develop and maintain an evolving web presence more easily.

Branding and Logo Development

Whether you're launching a new venture, or refreshing your brand—a good logo can make or break a business. HollyWorks offers everything from classic wordmarks to full-blown graphic standards packages for branding.

Social Media Consulting

Social media consulting that helps you make the most of first impressions. Learn how to grow an authentic, organic social media presence even if you are an introvert. :-)

Print & Packaging

No matter how digital the world gets, we all need business cards, annual reports, presentation pieces, signage, posters and packaging. From CD and DVD case design, to movie posters, pop-up banners— or a coordinated package.


In other words, just design. No coding. Photoshop or Illustrator. Great for special projects, grant proposals, strategizing a new look, or pitching a web or mobile app. Design prototypes add impact and clarity.


Supporting ePub standards 2 and 3, mobi and KF8, reflowable or fixed layout for publishing to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Apple, and Kobo. iPad, small tablets and all ereaders.


Most online training runs the full spectrum from "kind of dreary" to "completely boring." Kick it up a notch with Adobe Captivate. Better design means more memorable. And that means people actually learn instead of just click through your courses.

UI/UX Consulting

Sometimes called prototyping. Sometimes called wireframing. Consulting includes an analysis of new or existing functionality with an eye toward wireframing out various options for users, testing and evaluating. Usually the first step in a larger web-based project.