Branding and Logo Development

Visual Identity • Adobe Illustrator

The best logos have a timeless quality to them that makes them appear effortless.  

Nothing could be further from the truth. We've all seen logos and quietly wondered just *what* happened... Sometimes it's the result of design by committee, maybe  a cultural gap... Usually it's just not seeing the obvious problem until it's too late.

Logos should be unique to your business or organization. The colors, the fonts, the design. Hundreds of businesses have incorporated a version of the Nike "swoosh" in their logos.  But Nike had it first. Originality in logo design pays. Likewise, online logo builders or logo farms deliver predictable and sometimes similar designs...and you end up with a mash-up that looks like half a dozen other logos.

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Logos aren't just for business.  They can be a terrific identity-builder for public or political causes, grant projects, special publications - just about anything that has a distinct name can benefit from a distinct visual brand

Logo Design Services include:

  • Creative brainstorming
  • Refreshing or updating an aging brand
  • New logo creation
  • Graphic standards packages - simple to complex
  • Graphic logo packages for social media use
  • Any and all versions available: vector to original Adobe Illustrator files