Courseware & LMS

LMS, Litmos, Adobe Captivate

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man about phishing and you'll really save his live...

Concepts like "mandatory training" take the fun out of learning.  Learning should be fun, engaging and memorable.  Working in technology means constant education.  Being smart is not just an advantage. It can be a life saver.  

Smart businesses attract smart people.  Smart people make better decisions. Better decisions benefit everyone.  Make your mandatory training more engaging, and your employees will retain more of that mandatory stuff.  Convert your classic classic "read this" employee onboarding and your business can save hundreds of hours lost yearly to repetitious training.  Document your critical processes as an organization, so you retain the archival knowledge of how your company operates when people come and go.

Offer instruction, product tours, or getting started guides to the community you serve. We are more likely to give up because we don't understand something. Not because we don't like it.

Whether it's a more formal LMS Scorm package in Adobe Captivate, infographics or  animated infographics in HTML5, the more memorable your training the more effective it will be.

Course Content Creation Services include:

  • Design and ceation of HTML5 or Adobe Captivate content
  • Assistance with Litmos or Topyx platforms
  • Adobe Captivate, Tumult Hype, HTML5, jQuery